It’s a special “Finer Wings Club” edition of Talking Buffalo Podcast as Patrick Moran is joined by Buffalo Bills beat reporter Matt Parrino and Spectrum Sports anchor Jon Scott for a conversation over wings (and pizza) taped at Imperial Pizza in South Buffalo.

The guys try (Jon and Matt for the first time) honey mustard barbeque, loganberry barbeque and chiavetta’s medium wings and are blown away.  They talk about what they liked best about them and the vibe of Imperial before diving into a general discussion about wings and food in general in the Western New York area.

Fear not, Bills Mafia as there’s plenty of Bills talk, including some extremely candid takes focused on Sean McDermott and Tyler Bass as well as opining on if players prefer media protocols because of Covid or if they’d prefer things back like they were before.  They also talk Gronk/Tre, the Bengals skipping the “process” and deciding it’s time for the Bills to go all-in this coming season even it comes at the expense of high draft capital.

They finish with a fun conversation about Cobra Kai, with plenty of notice for listeners who don’t want any series details spoiled.

Special thanks to Imperial Pizza (1035 Abbott Road) for hosting the podcast.  The food, service, vibe and everything about one of South Buffalo’s best-known places was outstanding.


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