It’s Casual Friday on Talking Buffalo Podcast, which means Patrick Moran is joined by Noted Hockey author and Maintenance Day podcast cohost Joe Yerdon to discuss a variety of topics, including the biggest non-weather concerns the Buffalo Bills have going into their playoff game against New England Saturday night, the Buffalo Sabres again decimated by goaltending injuries, Jack Eichel returning to the ice in Vegas, a “Starting Five” draft of Best 80s Movie Soundtracks and much more.

The Bills are favored to handle New England move on in the NFL playoffs but few expect it to be easy this weekend.  The guys go discuss their top concerns going into the game aside from potential frigid temperatures, including Buffalo’s struggles in one-score games this season, Bill Belicheck’s pedigree and a New England team that’ll be determined to run the football, even if the entire stadium knows its coming.

They also discuss the Sabres, and long-term injuries to their top two goaltenders this week make even more likely this team will once again threaten to finish near the very bottom the league standings.  Joe also has thoughts on Jack Quinn’s NHL debut against Tampa.

They also hold their weekly “Starting Five” draft, this week selecting Best 80s Movie Soundtracks.  That plus Jack Eichel being on the ice, Super Bowl predictions, Patrick tells a Covid story and much more

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