On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by Steve Mathes, co-host of the Air Raid Hour on Cover 1 to discuss immediate and long-term topics with the Buffalo Bills on the heels of last Sunday’s overtime loss at Tampa Bay.

The guys discuss Josh Allen’s guts, Sean McDermott’s lack of them lately, Tremaine Edmunds becoming flat-out overrated, a defense that remains suspectable to long touchdown runs and Brandon Beane deserving a little bit of heat for personnel decisions that’ve contributed to the Bills digging a hole for themselves.

They also discuss how they feel the Bills stand going into the final four weeks of the regular season, what needs to happen for it to turn out well and plenty more good stuff with Steve.

You can follow Steve on Twitter @JudgeMathes and be sure to check out The Air Raid Hour alongside co-host David Tilton Mondays at 9pm and Bills pregame live on Cover 1.


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