On the episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, it’s the first of a two part conversation as Patrick Moran is joined by Joe From Queens with today’s focus on 10 early season Buffalo Bills takeaways following their first three games.

Sunday’s victory over Washington was the game Bills fans and media with high expectations for them have been waiting for this season. The Bills dominated on both sides of the ball and the guys talk extensively about that, including Josh Allen returning to MVP form, Emanuel Sanders playing like a No. 1 receiver, Dawson Knox getting redemption and both Dion Dawkins and Darryl Williams bouncing back from early season struggles.

On the defensive side the guys discuss Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer being so good it’s almost taken for granted when it comes to this defense.

Also, the conversation gets spirited (to say the least) when the topic turns to Tremaine Edmunds.

That plus Patrick’s concerned about special teams while Joe isn’t and the team that beat Buffalo (Pittsburgh) is quickly being exposed as fraudulent.   That and much more.  Follow Joe on Twitter @Buffalowins and come back tomorrow for Part II, which focuses primarily on the Buffalo media and unbalanced coverage of certain events.


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