On today’s Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by Joe From Queens to evaluate and discuss a seemingly normal Wednesday afternoon that quickly erupted into a historically chaotic Wednesday as the Buffalo Bills released a trio of incredibly valued big-named players, cut a few more additionally and also redid the contracts of two others. Oh they re-signed David Edwards too. And we think Matt Haack. Not since “Black Thursday” of February 10, 2000 when the Bills cut Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith on the same has there been this kind of single-day impact on a Bills roster.

At around 2pm Wednesday Patrick had wrapped recording a solo podcast for the next day that was focused on his definition of what a realistically perfect Bills offseason would look like. Two hours later that episode, which will never see the light of day was shot to the moon after the Bills released Jordan Poyer, Mitch Morse and Tre White in one big swoop over roughly 90 minutes. They also cut special teams standout Siran Neal and wide receiver Deonte Harty while redoing Rasul Douglas’s contract for 2024 and getting Von Miller to take what actually accounts to a 2024 pay cut.

In all the Bills gained over $30 million in cap space during the day, not counting $10 million more not available until after June 1 with the Tre White release. While it greatly helps puts general manager Brandon Beane towards much more practical operating procedure heading into free agency it comes with a pretty big price. Morse still looked good at center last season and the unit was not only one of the low-key strengths of the team but also collectively played together all 17 games. His loss will be missed.

So will Jordan Poyer, who came back last year on a two-year deal and while he wasn’t the Poyer of old, he played pretty well. Tre White is one of the most popular players in team history and elite cornerback when healthy–the problem is he’s now had two major injuries and the Bills have multiple good cornerbacks.

The guys, to some extent stunned, react to it—-all of it.


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