On this episode of Talking Buffalo, host Patrick Moran takes some questions and comments from fans, ranging from Tre White’s future with the Buffalo Bills, would Bill Belicheck ever be a consideration for Terry Pegula, who the Bills would most like to play if they make the playoffs and a host of non-football topics.

The Bills are in a fight for their playoffs lives. Being optimistic that they’ll make the postseason, Patrick answers a question from someone wanting to know who he’d most and least like to see as an opponent for the first round. He’s also asked to come up with a player from another team he’d most love to see on Buffalo and the worst moment he can remember as a Bills fans.

There’s also a handful of questions answered that have little or nothing to do with sports, including three favorite pizza places, when Patrick’s new wing rankings are coming out, most and least favorite podcasts interviews and the least favorite Christmas song of all-time. That and and plenty more on today’s Fan Friday.


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