On this bonus Wednesday episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast Patrick Moran is joined for a second time by former Buffalo Bills offensive tackle John Fina.  Today they discuss the 2021 Bills just days before the regular season begins along with a host of other topics involving John and the Buffalo organization.

On John’s first appearance on the podcast back in April of 2019 they discussed his life and career. Today’s the focus is more on John’s insight to the current edition of the Bills both on and off the field.  John has thoughts on the current offensive line and how much continuity matters.  He also takes fans behind the scenes a little bit and discusses what it’s like for a veteran player to be a mentor to young guys coming into the organization from college.

They also discuss John’s willingness to engaging to Bills fans, the new “Off Tackle with John Fina” show he’s doing alongside Joe Miller (Buffalo Rumblings) live on Monday Nights and tons more.  You can follow John on Twitter @JohnFina.


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