It’s Casual Friday on Talking Buffalo Podcast presented by Casey’s Black Rock, which means Patrick Moran is joined by sports writer and media personality Joe Yerdon to talk about a variety of topics, including thoughts on details of a proposed new Buffalo Bills stadium, Patrick hating on Wingest and the Buffalo Blue Jays fan base, Jack Eichel’s new representation and a “Starting Five” draft to pick the best karaoke songs.

John Wawrow (Associated Press) put out a report earlier in the week that outlined a proposed new Bills stadium that would have 60,000 seats (17% fewer than current capacity) and an overhang as opposed to a dome.  Joe has plenty of thoughts on it and makes his distrust for Pegula Sports & Entertainment well known.

Meanwhile Patrick puts on his hater hat to discuss Wingest taking place at Highmark Stadium an overrated event and puts bandwagon Blue Jays on blast for disregarding the franchise now that they’re done playing games in Buffalo.

The guys also discuss the difficulties unvaccinated NFL players that recently got cut are going to have finding work going forward, when/if Sabres center Jack Eichel is getting surgery as well as the growing possibility he may still be on his roster when the regular season begins, draft a “Starting Five” of the best and most popular karaoke songs out there today and much more.

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