It’s Casual Friday at Talking Buffalo Podcast and Patrick Moran is joined by sports writer and friend Joe Yerdon to discuss several topics, including thoughts on a new Buffalo Bills stadium in Orchard Park, Cole Beasley’s inability to shut the Twitter machine off, tribute to a former Buffalo Sabres legend and a “Starting Five” draft of best animated/cartoon series.

Reports have surfaced that it appears likely the Pegula’s will ultimately get a new stadium built in Western New York.  The guys discuss if they’re surprised to learn that’s likely coming in Orchard Park as opposed to downtown as well as having an overhang as opposed to a dome and the possibility of the team having to play at least a season in Toronto or Penn State while it would get built.

Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley was at it on Twitter again recently, criticizing the NFLPA and continuing his controversial takes towards Covid.  Patrick explains why he thinks it’s time for Beasley to hit the deactivate button on his Twitter account.

Joe also pays tribute to Rene Robert, a member of the Sabres famed French Connection line after Robert passed away following a heart attack this week at the age of 72.

They finish with this week’s “Starting Five” draft, this time selected from animated/cartoon series. The picks include everything from recent years all the way back to 1940.

All this and much more including why Patrick hates red wine.  Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeYerdon.


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