On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast presented by 80s Tees, Patrick Moran hosts his first “Podcaster’s Roundtable” featuring three of the most accomplished and popular Buffalo Bills podcasters in the game today.  Joe Marino (Locked on Bills), Bruce Nolan (The Bruce Exclusive) and Greg Tompsett (Cover 1 Buffalo Podcast) join to talk all things podcasting and life.

That’s right— put a hiatus on the Bills talk today.  This episode is geared towards podcasters, aspiring podcasters, those who enjoy listening to podcast and fans of the roundtable members who want to get to know them more personally.

We learn a ton about this quartet of podcasters including the critical role their respective families play in supporting what they do.  We also discuss some of the differences and similarities of each person and show, ranging from Joe doing Locked on Bills as his profession and putting out content daily to Greg doing a large chunk of his shows live and Bruce’s meticulous preparation into his deep dive The Bruce Exclusive podcast.

They also talk about aspects of podcasting they’ve become most improved and comfortable with along with bad habits they have before a discussion on burnout and ultimately offering sage advice for current and aspiring podcasters. It’s a great chat with three of the best podcasters and guys out there.

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