On this final Talking Buffalo Podcast episode of 2020, Patrick Moran greets recurring guest and frenemy Joe from NYC (@BuffaloWins) and the two discuss—or more accurately argue over a barrage of topics centered around Buffalo, Covid and the Buffalo Bills.

After spending time discussing their respective Christmas trips back to hometown Buffalo, the attention is turned towards the Bills and the guys disagree over the significance of AFC East championship gear, the free agency value of Matt Milano, who they prefer the Bills to play in the first round of the playoffs starting next and end with a heated debate whether the Bills should play or rest their starters on Sunday against Miami with the second seed being clinched with a win on the line.

They do agree on a few things discussed, including Josh Allen being deserving of MVP and the undeniable impact Stefon Diggs has made, leading Patrick to consider calling him the best Bills receiver ever after just one season.

Happy New Year, everyone and thank you so much for listening.  We’ll be back to regularly scheduled Tuesday and Friday episodes starting next week.

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