On today’s future award-wining Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has a conversation with recurring guest Joe Yerdon on a variety of topics including Covid-19 costing him his job, the Buffalo Sabres and a fun series of brain busters revolving around boring movie descriptions.

Joe covered the Buffalo Sabres for The Athletic but because the Sabres haven’t played since March and likely won’t again until at least January due to Covid-19, was recently laid off as were several writers across The Athletic brand.  Joe clearly has a lot of emotions over what happens and gets some of it off his chest, sharing the process of a company-wide meeting that ultimately led to his dismissal as well as 45 other writers on the staff. Emotionally charged, Joe talks  on the difficulty working in an industry that’s on such shaky ground in the foreseeable future because of the pandemic and that at least for the time being, hockey practices starting again in advance of the playoffs has him feeling down.

They also spend a few minutes discussing the Sabres and Joe tells a tale of now former general manager Jason Botterill calling him after Joe got laid off, a gesture that totally resonated with him.

Also, inspired by a tweet that went viral, Patrick puts Joe and the listeners through a series of cinematic brain busters.  Patrick reads off a series of intentionally boring descriptions of popular flicks and Joe is tasked at trying to figure out what the movies are.

You can follow Joe on Twitter @JoeYerdon.

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