On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran explains why there were no episodes last week before airing a recent interview he did with Nick Bat for the Nick and Nolan Show.

Patrick tweeted early last week he was taking a week off for a mini-vacation but confesses his statement wasn’t true.  He explains the details of he and his wife dealing with a significant Covid-19 scare.

Patrick then replays his appearance on the Nick and Nolan Show last week.  Before medical issues temporarily shelved him, Patrick taped a segment that aired on their show last Thursday.   With the blessing of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast Network we’re replaying that interview today.

In that interview Patrick sheds light into his own life and career, something he’s usually asking guests about on this podcast.  He even ends up caught in his own mini-lightning round. It was a rare look into Patrick’s personal life and we’re sharing it today.

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