(TBP 477) Bills Thoughts, FinaFest & Wing Ranking Explanations

August 15, 2022By Patrick Moran

On this random Monday bonus episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran goes solo and discusses some of his thoughts on players that made a positive impact during the Buffalo Bills first preseason game, talks about a party with Bills fans he attended over the weekend and provides some context into the positioning of his … Read More

Chicken Wing Review: Kettles

July 10, 2021By Patrick Moran

There’s very few bars I’ve driven past more times without trying their wings than Kettles.  Located on Abbott Road in Orchard Park just a stone’s throw from Highmark Stadium, I routinely go with proven winners O’Neill’s or the Big Tree Inn when in the area and craving wings.  I finally decided to give Kettles a … Read More

Chicken Wing Review/QB Comparison: The Yelling Goat

April 19, 2021By Patrick Moran

The Yelling Goat is located on Central Avenue in Lancaster and has been around for—actually I have no idea.  It feels like it’s been around for quite a while and is quite comfortable inside.  I went with a few friends who got things other than wings (blasphemy) including chicken fingers, calzones and a thin crust … Read More