(TBP 596) Buffalo Sports Topics to Agree or Disagree On

July 18, 2023By Patrick Moran

On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by writer and sports media personality Joe Yerdon and they do a segment of “agree and disagree” where Patrick lays out a bunch of (mostly) Buffalo related sports takes and Joe explains why he agrees or disagrees with it. On the Buffalo Sabres side they … Read More

(TBP 436) Owen Power, Sports Talk & Best 80’s Sitcoms

April 15, 2022By Patrick Moran

It’s Casual Friday on Talking Buffalo Podcast, which means Patrick Moran is joined by Noted Hockey author and Maintenance Day podcaster Joe Yerdon to discuss a Owen Power making his Buffalo Sabres home debut, their potential goaltending dilemma going forward  a “Starting Five” draft consisting of Best 80s Sitcoms and more. The Buffalo Sabres weren’t successful in … Read More

(TBP 350) Buffalo Sabres Trades & Draft Review Show

July 27, 2021By Patrick Moran

On this episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, friend and recurring guest Joe Yerdon joins to discuss all things Buffalo Sabres over the past few days, including a review of significant trades as well as the NHL draft that saw the Sabres add to their prospect pool. The fact Rasmus Ristolainen and Sam Reinhart were both … Read More