(TBP 671) A Talking Buffalo Thanksgiving

November 23, 2023By Patrick Moran

On this Thanksgiving day episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by friend and recurring guest Anthony Marino from Buffalo Rumblings to discuss the Buffalo Bills, more specifically a dive into their offense and of course, Thanksgiving. After looking dormant for large stretches of games dating back several weeks, the Bills offense came to … Read More

(TBP 539) Do The Buffalo Bills Have Enough Weaponry?

February 17, 2023By Patrick Moran

On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by Aaron Quinn (Cover 1) for their weekly chat, focused on several topics including a discussion on if the Buffalo Bills have enough weaponry on offense as things stand. Gabe Davis discussions have been endless but today the guys spend some time talking complimentary weapons … Read More

(TBP 447) Quick Hitters: James Cook, Jon Feliciano & Bruce Smith

May 20, 2022By Patrick Moran

On this Friday episode of Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran goes solo and focuses on three primary topics: the lofty expectations of Bills rookie running back James Cook, former Bills guard Jon Felicano borderline gloating that the Bills lost to the Chiefs in last year’s playoffs, and Bruce Smith’s words representing an entire community still … Read More