On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has a conversation with Steve Mathes of Buffalo Fanatics to discuss the Buffalo Bills as well as the Buffalo Fanatics brand and popular YouTube show he co-hosts.

There’s plenty of reasons to excited about the Buffalo Bills going into the 2020 season and most are warranted. The Bills are coming off a 10-6 season that saw them make the playoffs and go up 16 points on Houston in the second half of their playoff game before blowing it.  With Tom Brady gone to Tampa, many pundits have pegged the Bills to win the AFC East.

That said, titles aren’t won on paper in spring and summer and Patrick has Steve address five reasons to pump the brakes a little.  Among those are issues at cornerback after Tre White, weak depth at linebacker, an apparent marriage with Cody Ford at tackle despite rookie struggles there, concern with Matt Barkley should Josh Allen suffer a significant injury and lastly, Allen himself and his ability to become a little more consistent and accurate.

They also spend time talking about Buffalo Fanatics, their popularity on social media and YouTube, how Steve got involved and The Bills Guys podcast he does for the brand among other things.

You can follow Steve on Twitter @JudgeMathes.  Also be sure to check out Buffalo Fanatics for all your Bills news and interactive media, including The Bills Guys Podcast.


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