If you’ve noticed lately and judging by the lack of comments/complaints headed my way you haven’t—I decided to stop torturing myself and have taken a break from watching Sabres games and more importantly, blogging on them after. Since they’ve quite apparently put forth zero effort to improve their product why the fuck should I? This team is a abomination and a dumpster fire, so spending three hours watching them play and then writing about them puts me in a horrible mood. The beauty of having my own personal blog is I can write at my own leisure and on topics I feel like discussing.  Lately those bums aren’t one of said topics.

Sorry guys, but if you’ve played 25 games and every single member of the defensive unit combined has as many goals as I do, it’s time to get this team out of sight and out of mind so I can focus all my anxiety and imminent letdowns for the Buffalo Bills.

Still, I couldn’t but notice at today’s practice that Jordan Nolan was the team’s second line with Ryan O’Reilly and Kyle Okposo.  You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. What’s the matter—Andrew Peters didn’t want to come out of retirement?  Even Jordan’s former head coaching dad Ted thinks Jordan Nolan being on the second line is fucking ridiculous.

Then again, when you’ve skated off the ice winners six times in 25 opportunities, what do you have to lose?

Meanwhile Sam Reinhart is skating with Zegmus Girgensons and Johan Larsson on what I guess is the fourth line.  The second overall pick of 2014 NHL draft, one of two guys we spent two years literally tanking for, is on a line centered by Johan Larsson.  It’s fitting he’s skating with Girgs because much like Reinhart (a former first-round pick himself), Sabres management held onto Girgensons until he was basically worthless in the trade market. That same fate is rapidly approaching general manager Jason Botterill with Reinhart. Had he traded him this summer he may have been able to score a top four defensemen. Right now he’d be lucky to fetch the next Jordan Nolan—our current second line winger.

Jordan Nolan. 

Go Bills.