On this episode of the future award-winning Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran has a lengthy chat with college and high school sports enterprise reporter Rachel Lenzi of The Buffalo News on a variety of topics spanning her life and career.

Growing up in Maryland the daughter of parents who were both educators, Lenzi knew at an early age journalism and more specifically sports journalism was a field she wanted to pursue as a career.  It’s a journey that beginning with college has taken her to Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, Maine and Ohio.  Rachel talks about how these stops not only just helped her hone her craft but gain life experiences in a variety of different cultures.

Rachel also reveals how the opportunity came about to join The Buffalo News in the summer of 2018 and if it was initially an easy decision. She discusses how several colleagues helped make the transition easier and the gratification she gets her from work doing stories that go beyond the playing field.

The two also spend time reacting comments a NBA player made that were highly offensive to women, her stance on social media, how she feels about living in Buffalo and of course, a handful of her favorite spots for chicken wings before finishing up with the traditional Moran-Alytics mini-lightning round, where among other things we learn a city in Italy Rachel’s a big fan of, a rewatchable movie discovery, a Queen song she thinks would dominate karaoke and a family affair for her dream dinner date.

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Also, courtesy of Sean Chandler and his very popular (over 146,000 subscribers) YouTube channel we have a movie review of “Bad Boys For Life,” the latest blockbuster movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as they ring in the third installment of the franchise and first in over 17 years. Be sure to subscribe to the Sean Chandler Talks About channel on YouTube and you can also follow Sean on Twitter @KirkNeverDied.

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