Cleveland Indians third basemen Jose Ramirez is a great baseball player coming off a breakout regular season that’ll likely see him finish third in the American League MVP voting behind Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge.  Ramirez set career-highs by hitting .318 with 29 homers, 83 RBI, 107 runs scored and a .957 OPS.

For all of Ramirez’s wonderful talents on the field, talking shit on Twitter is not his best attribute.

Back on October 8 with the Indians sporting a seemingly comfortable 2-0 best of five series lead against the New York Yankees, a fan of the Bombers tweeted at Ramirez saying the Indians about “to take a fat L”, meaning a loss.

Ramirez should’ve left it alone. He didn’t.  Instead his response will go down in Twitter cold take infamy.

Guess what, Jose? You finished 3-2 at Yankee Stadium this year.  Oh, and you’ll be watching the ALCS on television, cupcake.

There were a million responses to his tweet after the Yanks won the series last night. I’m sure you can guess the general theme.  Here’s the best of the lot.