It’s Casual Friday at Talking Buffalo Podcast and Patrick Moran is joined by sports writer and friend Joe Yerdon to discuss several topics, including Joe’s experience being among the first fans to attend a MLB game in Buffalo in 106 years this past week, the Buffalo Sabres winning the NHL draft lottery and their weekly “Starting Five” draft, this week consisting of mobster/gangster movies.

The Toronto Blue Jays hosted Miami this Tuesday at Sahlen’s Field in downtown Buffalo.  Joe breaks down what it was like to be in attendance at the ballpark in terms of Covid protocols, vaccinated versus non-vaccinated season and the overall vibe from the crowd witnessing their first taste of regular season MLB baseball in Buffalo.

The guys also talk about the Sabres winning the lottery and if Joe’s leaning Owen Power or Matt Beniers with the first pick as well as discussion about plummeting Sabres TV ratings and what they can do to change that.

From there they draft their “Starting Five” among mobster/gangster movies.  After no surprises among the first three selections (Godfather 2, Godfather 1, Goodfellas) the selections get more unpredictable, with each guy taken at least one non-Italian mob movie as one of their five picks.

All this and much more.  Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeYerdon.


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