On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran interviews Cover 1 founder and contributor football writer for The Athletic Buffalo, Erik Turner.

Quickly earning a reputation as one of the best at breaking down and analyzing  game film,  Turner talks about his career path that began as a youngster in Lockport, New York through high school and college in upstate New York before starting to dab in the scouting and blogging industry.

Turner discusses some of the places he honed his craft at before eventually starting Cover 1, a move that expanded his readership as well as his profile.  Eventually it would to an opportunity with The Athletic when they formed a Buffalo division and Turner reveals why he jumped on board.

Moran also gets Turner (Cover_1_) takes on several Buffalo Bills topics, including the recent trade for Corey Coleman, how Josh Allen is progressing, breaking down film with former Bills center Eric Wood, and some guys Turner’s looking forward to seeing when the preseason starts.

The interview wraps with Turner answering several random questions during the mini-lighting round, including the one person he’d follow on Twitter if he were only allowed on follow, and the three dinner guests from any era he’d love to have.

After that Joe (@buffalowins) pops in for a “Run-In With Joe” segment.  They discuss Joe’s disdain for training camp, his thoughts on the national media shitting on Allen already and concludes the segment by inciting Moran with a chicken wing take.


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