On this episode of the future award-winning Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by recurring guest Joe From NYC to discuss the first handful of days of free agency as the Buffalo Bills have unofficially activated win-now mode.

The Bills traded a first-round pick along with three other draft selections for a true No. 1 wide receiver, Stefon Diggs.  They also gave $30 million over three years to a 32-year old pass rusher (Mario Addison) and signed a 32-year former All-Pro cornerback, Josh Norman.  Those are moves made by a team that feels ready to win their division.

The guys go over the Bills moves and collectively determine Buffalo an organization that has no excuse for not their division.  This leads into a spirited discussion about Josh Allen and this being a make-or-break third season as a starter and what happens in 2021 if Allen doesn’t continue to progress as a starting NFL quarterback.

They also discuss whether Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott should be in any trouble should Allen flame out and end up wagering on how many prime time games Buffalo will have on their schedule.

Beyond football talk they spend time having a serious discussion over the  Coronavirus scare, including how it’s been for Joe in a major conglomerate area like New York City and how people are handling it, which leads to a very rare chat on this podcast about politics and Donald Trump.

They also have a little #rocknwawrow chat before finishing with another spirited discussion about the state of wrestling due to the coronavirus, including if Wrestlemania should’ve postponed until the summer.

You can follow Joe on Twitter @buffalowins.  Follow Patrick on Twitter @PatMoranTweets.


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