On this milestone 200th episode of the future award-winning Moran-Alytics Podcast, Patrick Moran is joined by a special guest, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

If you’re here for straight political talk you’ve come to the wrong place.  However, Patrick inquires on how Mark’s political aspirations began and what the journey was like getting to Erie County’s highest-ranking government title.  Mark grew up in Lackawanna the son of a steel worker and a nurse the typical neighborhood kid who simply loved playing sports. A graduate of Lackawanna High School and then the University at Buffalo, Mark actually worked at Sears for a number of years before going to law school and practicing law before successfully running for his first political office, County Comptroller.

There’s plenty of sports talk to be had throughout the chat.  Mark’s a lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan and has hot takes on the Houston Astros being caught cheating.  Mark strongly asserts the Astros, who beat his beloved Dodgers for the World Series title in 2017 should be stripped of their championship and individual players deserve to get punished as well.

They also talk plenty of hockey and golf, two sports Mark still actively plays.

The chat then turns towards a book he published late last year, “Beyond the X’s and O’s: Keeping the Bills in Buffalo.” The book chronicles the negotiation between the franchise, Erie County and the state of New York that ultimately resulted in a new lease to keep the team from leaving.   Mark discusses why he decided to write the book and gives insight to some of its details, including the urgency and pressure of getting a lease deal done while Bills owner Ralph Wilson was still alive.

He also has candid thoughts on the Bills potentially getting a new stadium versus renovating the one they already have in Orchard Park.

Of course, like each feature interview on the podcast it ends with the Mini-Lightning Round and we learn a few more fun facts about Mark, including him formerly being in a band and three historic figures he’d love to have dinner with.

It’s a great conversation with just the second three-term Erie County Executive and Mark turns out to be a really personable, down to earth guy. Good stuff!

You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkPoloncarz and you can buys his book about keeping the Bills in Buffalo by clicking here.

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