On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast Patrick Moran is joined by Del Reid, a founding father of one of the most famous fan bases in all of sports.

This is your opportunity to learn the true story of #BillsMafia

Thanks to the Barstool Sports and Deadspins of the internet, when many hear the term #BillsMafia they think of couples publicly fornicating in parking lots, guys drinking shots out from a chick’s bare naked ass and of course, table crashing.  Lots and lots of table crashing.  Often tables lit on fire.

All that is true.  However, that’s not what #BillsMafia is all about.

Del (@DelReid) gives fans an education and tells those who don’t know the TRUE story and history of the #BillsMafia.  He tells how the whole thing actually started as a bit of an inside joke and how a famous NFL insider, Adam Schefter inadvertently got the ball rolling.

He also talks about the roles former Bills Stevie Johnson and Nick Barnett had in the thing taking off and many of the wonderful, charitable things that have resulted from the #BillsMafia becoming a thing.

Of course, with the good always comes the bad and Del doesn’t shy away from discussing the downside of  #BillsMafia,  a side often sensationalized on internet blogs.

We also spend time talking about 26 Shirts, a venture Del co-founded that uses the sales of t-shirt selling campaigns to assist worthy causes. To date 26 Shirts has raised nearly $500,000 for people in need and the venture continues to grow.

Del’s one of the true good guys of Western New York and when fans around the globe think #BillsMafia they should be thinking of guys like him as opposed to tailgating ass juice drinkers.

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