On this episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast presented by 26 Shirts, Patrick Moran interviews Nick and Bruce, co-hosts of the “Nick and Nolan Show” on the Buffalo Rumblings podcast network on a variety of topics.

They eventually work their way to a little Buffalo Bills talk but before that Patrick gives fans an opportunity to learn more about both guys and their podcast that quickly became a hit in #BillsMafia circles.  They talk about growing up not geographically tied to the Bills– Nick near Pittsburgh and Bruce in several places before both eventually settled into the Cleveland area.  They also tell why and how they became Bills fans, with Bruce having one of the more unorthodox methods of picking the Bills as his favorite team you’ll ever hear.

They also spend time talking about the Nick and Nolan Show, including how they actually met, the inspiration for the podcast, the conversation that led to getting it off the ground, the weekly process of producing the show and some of the excellent feedback they’ve gotten since launching.

Then the focus does indeed turn to the Bills and the three discuss and agree on who would be the team MVP through their first seven games and also talk about the importance of continuity in the offense, how much of a role the schedule has played in them being 5-2 and insight from each on  how they see the rest of the season playing out.

It’s good stuff from a pair of guys putting out weekly content that’s becoming must-listen for any Bills fan.

You can follow Nick (@NickBat) and Bruce (@BruceExclusive) on Twitter and be sure to check out the Nick and Nolan Show, released every Wednesday on the Buffalo Rumblings network and available wherever you get your podcasts from.

Before the interview Patrick shares his thoughts on the Washington Nationals winning the World Series and the Buffalo Sabres still maintaining an excellent start to their season while also giving details on how you could win a free double order of wings and a large pizza from Macy’s Place Pizzeria, one of Western New York’s fastest rising pizza and wing joints.


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