We’re just one week away from the NFL draft and Denver sports radio host Benjamin Allbright joins Patrick Moran on the Moran-Alytics Podcast to talk all things NFL and the draft.

Widely known as one of football’s best insiders and a must-follow on Twitter (@allbrightNFL), Benjamin shares the latest on what he’s been hearing when it comes to personnel decisions on this draft class, particularly at the quarterback position.

We discuss several draft scenarios starting at around the 8:20 mark, including Allbright’s thoughts on the Buffalo Bills and what he hears the team is trying to do in regards to moving up the draft board.  Here’s a spoiler alert–if you’re a Bills fans and in love with Josh Allen, this probably isn’t the interview you want to hear.

We also discuss reporting, Twitter and social media in how it pertains to the relationship between reporter and content consumer, as well as details of Allbright’s very public feud with Jason La Canfora from 2016.

The interview ends by stepping away from sports for a few fun facts, and we learn among other things what tunes Allbright likes to pump on his music player and three people he’d love to have dinner with.

Immediately after that (around the 42:00 mark) Patrick is joined by former University at Buffalo defensive end and NFL draft prospect Demone Harris (@demoneharris).  The two discuss Harris’ journey to this point — a road not paved easy.  Harris wasn’t even a full-time starter on his high school football team until his senior year and didn’t receive a college scholarship. Instead, he was a walk-on at UB and during his time transformed himself from just another face in the program to one of its most pivotal players.

With just one week Demone finds himself on the doorstep of the NFL, whether it comes in the later rounds of the draft or immediately after as an undrafted free agent, he’ll be on an NFL roster soon.  Demone reveals what he plans on doing during the draft.

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