On today’s episode of the Moran-Alytics Podcast presented by Pulse Cellular, Patrick Moran has a fun chat with WROC-TV in Rochester sports director Thad Brown spanning his life and career.

They go all the way back to Brown’s beginnings in Rochester, growing up an admitted stat nerd and a fan of the most unlikely combination of sports teams you’ll ever hear.  Brown played football and lacrosse in high school before coming to grips that his path to professional sports would be covering rather than playing them.

He went to Hofstra for college, ultimately got his job at WROC in the late 90’s and never looked back.  The two discuss several sports media topics, including the mostly tight knit relationship a lot of the Western New York contingent of Buffalo Bills media enjoys, the competition among each other that’s fun but doesn’t cross the line, the biggest pros and cons of being a sports reporter, what being a sports director means to him and his take on social media, particularly Twitter.

They also spend time talking about the Buffalo Bills as Brown elaborates on why he thinks Lesean McCoy still has one more big season left in him in Buffalo.  He also has a take on Josh Allen working hard to become the leader of the team, offers a bold prediction that someone projected to be a starter won’t be in Week one, and reveals his realistic expectation of what it will take from the Bills to keep fans and ownership happy.

As is traditional on this podcast, they end with Moran’s “Mini Lightning Round” and we learn among other things what Brown’s go-to karaoke song would be, what game should he would dominate, his favorite city to visit, his first celebrity crush and three guys he’d most love to share a beer and meal with.

You can follow Thad on Twitter at @ThadBrown7 and check out some of his work at RochesterFirst.com.

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