On this episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran has a chat with buddy and recurring guest Joe From Queens, who returns for the first time in over two months to discuss the Buffalo Bills, salty vaccination takes and his recent engagement that saw his proposal land as a feature story in the New York Post.

The NFL draft is just a few days a way and Joe gives his thoughts on the totality of the Bills offseason, split somewhat in the middle between enjoying the commitment to keeping the core intact but also questioning whether they’ve been aggressive enough to overtake Kansas City as the best team in the AFC.

They also discuss/argue about the direction the Bills should and will go in this week’s draft and Joe has thoughts on whether he thinks the Covid vaccine should be mandatory for players and fans who want to attend games this year.

Before that, Joe provides all the details of his proposal that ultimately landed as a feature story in the New York Post last week, confirming what details of the story were true and those that were inaccurate.

All that and much more.  Follow Joe on Twitter @BuffaloWins


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