Tonight starts the 2021 draft and on this bonus episode of the future award-winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran runs down a list of the 10 most likely and realistic candidates to be selected by the Buffalo Bills with their first pick.

Four cornerbacks lead the way, with three defensive ends and one each of the running interior offensive and defensive line positions. However, it’s a running back, Travis Etienne that tops the list—a guy Patrick’s been high on for Buffalo since the beginning of the process.  He explains not just why Etienne’s talent is deserving of being the first pick, but why he thinks it’s the perfect football fit and why he thinks it’s completely realistic if not likely to actually happen.

He also spends some time explaining things he’s learned while doing his six weekly Bills mock draft with Aaron Quinn from Cover 1, including the realization that defensive edge should probably be punted for 2021 if not addressed early, round two being an excellent round to go cornerback hunting and safety being a potential sneaky need in the third.

He also lists some Bills related questions that should be answered over the next 72 hours and ends with a handful of NFL draft predictions, including a trade that ultimately nets Zach Ertz to Buffalo.

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