On this episode of the future-awarding winning Talking Buffalo Podcast, Patrick Moran welcomes back controversial social media figure, sports hot take machine and unapologetic Tom Brady hater Barry McCockiner to the podcast to discuss a variety of topics.

The guys spend considerable time talking about the Buffalo Bills and Barry admits surprise to how far the team went in 2020 and particularly the play of Josh Allen. He credits the cast around him as well and discusses that for Buffalo’s winning to be sustainable it’s imperative to draft well and keep surrounding Allen with talent, something Barry points out Seattle and Green Bay haven’t done enough and a reason Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson haven’t won more rings.

They also spend chatting up the AFC east and discussing if Miami and the New York Jets should move on from Tua Tagovailoa and Sam Darnold respectively to select rookies at the top of next month’s draft as well as Barry’s conclusion that Cam Newton stinks and New England won’t ever be good as long as he’s the starter.

Of course, no podcast featuring Barry would be complete without a Tom Brady burial, and that’s exactly what Barry delivers—for 16 consecutive minutes.

They also talk podcasting, putting together YouTube videos, why Barry thinks Cardi B is disgusting and much more.

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