If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a name and branding change to my podcast although the actual show isn’t going anywhere.  After 208 episodes, gone is the name “Moran-Alytics Podcast” and in its place is “Talking Buffalo Podcast.”

To prevent additional confusion, nothing else is really changing.  The URL here (moranalytics.com) remains although an additional talkingbuffalopodcast.com domain will re-direct people here as well.  No subscription links are changing, so if you’re already subscribed on Apple, Spotify, Google, Sticher, Tune-In or anything else you literally don’t have to do anything.  I decided to leave the RSS field the same, frankly because changing it would’ve been a huge pain in the ass and potentially lost all the Moran-Alytics Podcast stuff from the past. Plus, I have several blog posts on this current site such as wing reviews, 80’s music countdowns and The Office episode power rankings I don’t want to lose either.

Long story short—- Episode 209 of Talking Buffalo Podcast will pick up where Episode 208 of the Moran-Alytics Podcast left off.

As for why I decided on the change, there’s a handful of reasons but the biggest one is the now former podcast name started feeling too niche.  I originally started this venture as a blog, and the name Moran-Alytics came from a buddy who created a pretty cool word play on my last name.  Roughly 10 months into the blog I decided to launch a podcast and kept the same name.  As the podcast grew over its first two years, far more than I ever expected I found myself more and more struggling with it’s branding, not to mention having to explain exactly what the term Moran-Alytics meant  I came to a realization that if someone didn’t already know me or of the podcast, it was annoying to have to explain.

You have to admit, there’s certainly no correlation between the name Moran-Alytics and Buffalo sports, which accounts for a big chunk of my focus.

Conversely, when you see Talking Buffalo Podcast for the first time you don’t need to guess what it’s about.   It’s an easy flowing name that unmistakably lets the listener know what they’re in for.  It’s also easier for me to brand, as I definitely have some longer-range goals with the entire thing.

So we’re clear though, very little is actually changing in terms of production and content.  I’ve always been primarily about Buffalo sports coverage and that will remain the same. However, I’ll also start to sprinkle in more episodes and guests dedicated to other aspects of Buffalo that range from non-sports media and news makers as well as business and community leaders.

Of course, that’s not to say this’ll be exclusively Buffalo-related content.  You can bet when I get opportunities to have guests on like in the past such as Adam Schefter, Josina Anderson, Richard Deitsch, Leigh Steinberg and others I’m having them on, whether it’s any direct tie to Buffalo or not.

The format stays the same but I’ll aslo have some new regular segments and also a very retro podcast intro song that vintage Buffalonians will surely recognize (and one I got legal rights to use—for the record.)

Additionally, I’m changing the name on YouTube as well, so there’s also a Talking Buffalo Podcast channel. I’d highly advise everyone to subscribe to that whether you’re subscribed to the audio podcast or not. I’ll be putting up highlight clips from podcast episodes up there but additionally, I’ll be posting a significant amount of original content that you’ll find ONLY on that YouTube channel.  You can subscribe to that here.

Lastly, this name change makes me feel a little more connected to my hometown. I spent well over 40  years of my life living in Buffalo and while I’ve been gone for a few years now, I’m still back a handful of times per year to visit (and also tape some episodes live) and this will motivate me to get back even more.

Who knows, somewhere not so far down the road I’ll even more back. OK, here’s a spoiler—that’s definitely going to happen.

If you have any comments or questions about the changes and/or the podcast itself, hit me up on Twitter @PatMoranTweets or shoot me an email at talkingbuffalopodcast@gmail.com