On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by friend and recurring guest Anthony Marino to go over what they consider the biggest question mark for every team in the AFC going into the 2024 season, with some teams having far bigger and more areas of concern than others.

Seeing this is a Buffalo-based podcast focused heavily on the Buffalo Bills and consumed mostly by Bills fans, we all know their biggest question marks as things stand. But what about the other 15 teams in the AFC? Patrick and Anthony go team-by-team through the entire conference and examine.

Among those discussed is if Trevor Lawrence will ever be more than a slightly above average starting quarterback for Jacksonville, if Tennessee is an offseason paper champ team right now, is Sean Payton overrated as a head coach and can Lamar Jackson ever sustain his regular season level of play into the playoffs?

Also, are Russ Wilson and Deshaun Watson both cooked? Did the Raiders make a mistake by not having someone better than Gardner Minshew as their starting quarterback, did the Chiefs losing L’Jarius Sneed create a big hole in their defense and can CJ Stroud avoid a sophomore slump.

Of course, we don’t skip over Buffalo and hit on them too. Did they lose too many core players in one offseason? Can you trust Von Miller and Greg Rousseau to get to the quarterback consistently. That and much more today. Be sure to follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthMarino.


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