It’s another edition of The Podbag today on Talking Buffalo, the weekly episode where the audience controls the narrative as Patrick Moran responds to several questions and takes from audience Today goes heavy on Buffalo Sabres related rants from fans in lieu of a week that’s seen plenty of additions but not what most were hoping for in addition to some Buffalo Bills related submissions as the team’s now just a few weeks away from the start of training camp.

When you habitually you lose, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt from fans or the media. That’s where we’re at and where we’ve been at with the Buffalo Sabres. Sure, they made plenty of moves over the past few days but almost no one feels like it’s nearly enough–not when they’re still a glaring need for a top six forward and a third-line center. This currently feels like a roster that has a pair of complete fourth lines. Patrick goes through a handful of rants from fans and responds accordingly.

Turning to the Bills, Patrick’s asked to talk about one or two training camp potential surprising storylines as well as the importance of Greg Rosseau this season and what kind of Super Bowl champion Josh Allen would be. That plus stuff about wings, Comic Con, 26 Shirts and more.


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