It’s another edition of The Podbag today on Talking Buffalo, the weekly episode where the audience controls the narrative as Patrick Moran responds to several questions and takes from audience, including shade deservedly thrown at the Buffalo Sabres organization as yet more key players on past teams that couldn’t win with Buffalo go on to play key roles in helping another team win a Stanley Cup.

Like it or not, the Sabres are among the worst organizations in all of major pro sports. Their record on the ice and decisions off the ice support the statement, which only strengthened on Monday night when the Florida Panthers won the Stanley Cup in game-seven, which of course saw Sam Reinhart score the series-winning goal. With that ,Reinhart joins Jack Eichel and Ryan O’Reilly are former core players that have went on to taste the pinnacle of hockey success—-after leaving Buffalo, not to mention Kyle Okposo. Patrick has plenty to say about that and the now likely buyout of overpriced forward Jeff Skinner in the coming days.

Another commenter takes the Sabres woes a step further, saying that they’ve been horribly run for literally most of their existence. Clearly being tied for the longest playoff drought in sports and seeing a slew of former Sabres go on to have success after leaving has fans at arguably their most frustrated.

There’s also submissions centered around the Buffalo Bills, including David Edwards seemingly being handed the starting left guard job and some concerns at safety. That plus a comment about this week’s all-time sports media draft, Sara Holland’s appearance on the show last week and much more.


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