On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by BillsMafia co-founder and 26 Shirts owner Del Reid to talk charity, fandom and the Buffalo Bills in a conversation taped on location at 26 Shirts headquarters in Kenmore.

Del’s been on the show plenty of times in the past but it’s been a hot minute since he’s last been on–therefore there’s plenty to catch up on them. Among them is discussing Mafia Con, an inaugural event coming July 20th spearheaded by Reid that’ll include food vendors, music, beer, live podcasts (including this one) and Bills player appearances (including one from rookie receiver Keon Coleman). Del talks about who sparked the idea and what his expectations are for the event in year one.

They also spend some having Del reflect on what it meant to be selected the Buffalo Bills Fan of the Year for 2023 and the way he was quite literally surprised to learn from it—hat tip to Stevie Johnson.

Of course at the root of everything Del does is 26 Shirts and they spend time talking about the never-ending charitable endeavors and added responsibility/pressure that comes with it. That plus some talk about the Bills, plenty of naysayers out there and plenty more. Special thanks to 26 Shirts for allowing us to come enjoy a taping at their office headquarters, good stuff!


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