On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran takes all 32 NFL teams, puts them all into seven tiers and focuses on which grouping the Buffalo Bills most likely belong in.

As opposed to taking each team and “power ranking” them No. 1-32, this exercise leads to seven tiers being created: Super Bowl favorites, Legit Super Bowl Contenders, Playoff Near Locks, Playoff Top Contenders, Could Surprise, Nah and 2025 No. 1 Pick Contenders. Patrick first explains why he prefers to tiers to complete numerical order–being able to place multiple teams on the same level.

From there we start at the bottom tier and work our way up. Here’s a spoiler alert—- there’s eight teams that are ranked at least as high as the “legit Super Bowl contenders” tier while five teams are projected to be in the mix for the top overall pick in next year’s draft.

Also, the Bills are now no longer solely favored to win the AFC east, per Ceasars Sports Book. That plus some flowers to a fellow content creator on pulling Mina Kimes as a special guest and plenty more.


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