On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is really starting to wonder if the Buffalo Bills are having a crisis of identity with their offense based on recent decisions and it’s up to friend and recurring guest Anthony Marino to convince him it’s not headed toward a downward spiral.

it’s been well documented in conversation, data and film study that Bills quarterback Josh Allen has enjoyed the majority of his success working the passing game with smaller receivers who excel at separation and getting open quickly as opposed to bigger, physical lumbering receivers who excel more in traffic and catching contested balls. General manager Brandon Beane talked about this just a week or so before the NFL draft, yet the Bills appear to be getting away from what their standard of receiver has been, first drafting Keon Coleman in the second round and then signing free agent wide receiver Chase Claypool last Friday.

Patrick absolutely hates the Claypool signing and immediately overreacted on social media when it happened, something Anthony immediately called him out on. At any rate, the guys have a pretty detailed discussion over what they think this Bills offense is trying to be. Does factors like drafting a big guy like Keon Coleman over a Stefon Diggs/Khalil Shakir type like Ladd McConkey, and cutting Mitch Morse to move a much bigger Connor McGovern over to center, or drafting bowling ball style running back Ray Davis in the fourth round symbolize that Sean McDermott is looking for the Bills to be more physical and methodical with their offense as opposed to speedy and explosive?

It certainly feels that way. Also, there’s no use crying over spilled milk but do the guys think the team is going to rue trading Diggs instead of finding a way to make things work for one more year and does the departure of Diggs and not doing anything of note other than a draft to replace him put a lot of instant pressure on Coleman?

What about the notion that Sean McDermott doesn’t care about the offense as much as the defense, despite the fact the Bills have now drafted a pass catcher with their first pick in the past two drafts. That plus their “Finish the Sentence” segment and a whole lot more . Be sure to follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthMarino 


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