On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by frenemy and recurring guest Joe From Queens to discuss a pretty significant week in the landscape of Buffalo sports, including the firing of Buffalo Sabres head coach Don Granato and a report that Terry Pegula is willing to sell a chunk of the Buffalo Bills.

Tim Graham of The Athletic broke the news late last week that Pegula is willing to put up around 25% of the Bills for sale, bringing in a minority partner but still maintaining a controlling interest in the franchise. The guys talk about why this is happening, what it means for now and what it may mean for the future. Also, the report says that no part of the Sabres is for sale but do the guys expect that to change?

Sticking with The Athletic, it was a big week for the outlet as it pertains to Buffalo, as besides Graham’s scoop on Bills ownership, Matthew Fairburn scored the first interview with now former Sabres head coach Don Granato after he was fired last week. The guys talk about the article, their takes on Granato getting fired and who’s most to blame for it—-and Joe has some takes/stories on Lindy Ruff, who’s perceived as a realistic candidate to replace Granato.

They also talk about the press conferences Brandon Beane, Sean McDermott and Josh Allen had as well as one final chat and Bills thoughts between the two before the NFL draft this coming Thursday and much more. Follow Joe on Twitter @BuffaloWins.


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