On this episode of Talking Buffalo, it’s our fourth in a series of five weekly Buffalo Bills mock drafts leading up to the actual draft beginning on April 25th and for it Patrick Moran’s joined by Aaron Quinn from Cover 1 for the first time in over seven months to discuss the Bills selections.

Two of the first three Bills mock drafts have resulted in the Buffalo taking something other than receiver with their first pick, but things very well may have changed with Brandon Beane trading Stefon Diggs to Houston two weeks ago. For Aaron, how much does that raise the likelihood that the Bills have to go receiver first? Aaron also has some takes on why the position doesn’t necessarily have to be filled by a specific type of player, as he’s more fond of “positionless” wide receivers that are good at creating separation and creating defensive matchup problems.

Spoiler alert— after plenty of talking about other potential positions being addressed early, the guys go ahead and not only take a receiver first but immediate double dip. Bonus spoiler alert–it’s aided by two trades, a trade down with Baltimore and then a trade-up with Vegas.

But that’s not all the double dipping in this draft as the guys find that blocking for Josh Allen is an effective way to have a better offense. Staying with the trend, they pick up a pair of safeties that Aaron loves in the fourth round as well as their final pick.

Additionally, the guys spend a few minutes talking about going on their first cruises ever respectively over the past few months and much more.

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