On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by frenemy and recurring guest Joe From Queens to discuss if the standard for success is too relaxed when it comes to Buffalo professional sports teams, and Joe also goes on (multiple) tirades over Buffalo Bills & Sabres owner Terry Pegula’s unwillingness to speak publicly.

Whether they deliver or not, other markets like Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, New York City, etc. have a mentality among fans and media that if you’re not playing for championships then your season is a failure. That doesn’t appear to be the case, at least not to Patrick in Buffalo. To him the standard in this market has been to make the playoffs, with maybe the goal posts moved to winning divisional titles in order for it to be evaluated as a successful campaign. Patrick doesn’t buy it and thinks the standards the players and coaches are held to should be championship game appearances. Guys like Ed Oliver and Stefon Diggs, who’ve been great in the regular season seem to save their worst performances of the season for elimination game losses, which doesn’t seem to carry the weight here it would in other markets.

As far as Pegula rarely ever speaking publicly and never about the performances of the teams he owns, it continues to have Joe incensed and that’s apparent on today’s show. He also has plenty to say about a local media that he feels doesn’t hold the owner nearly accountable for it either. It makes for a tense and sometimes disagree-filled conversation between the two guys.

That plus their weekly “Starting Five” draft, this time consisting of best wrestler theme songs and much more.

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