On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined in studio by longtime friend and recurring guest Tone Pucks for a conversation focused primarily on answering questions regarded the Buffalo Bills and Sabres in addition to Bills season tickets and a (quick) MLB 2024 preview.

Tone Pucks has been a Buffalo Bills season ticket holder. Will he continue to be with the new stadium and the PSL (personal seating license) that comes with them? Patrick asks Pucks for his perspective and also shares a couple of things he’s learned regarding how things are going with the Bills getting the selling of specific PSL’s underway.

They also go over some questions and comments submitted from fans, including being asked what they haven’t liked so far when it comes to the Bills offseason, their favorite non-Josh Allen pick of the Brandon Beane/Sean McDermott era and Patrick getting roasted for suggesting on Twitter the Sabres should buy out Jeff Skinner after this season. Spoiler alert: This leads to a colossal Tone Pucks rant.

That plus a conversation about Major League Baseball getting underway with some predictions and much more.

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