On this episode of Talking Buffalo, the very last one of 2023 Patrick Moran provides some instant live reaction just moments after the Buffalo Bills survived their regular season home finale, 27-21 over the New England Patriots that now have them in control of winning the AFC east and the second seed in the conference.

The offense was mostly sluggish if not outright bad, but the defense bailed them out in the first half with four turnovers, including a pick six by Rasul Douglas. Patrick has a ton of thoughts on both sides of the ball, what’s ailing this team offensively, Von Miller being a healthy scratch, Lamar Jackson locking up MVP while doing the Bills a huge (huge) favor in the process and tons more.

We hope that everyone had a fantastic New Year’s eve and with the best for an enjoyable, safe and prosperous 2024! Thank you for continuing to watch and/or listen to Talking Buffalo—-the growth has been notable over the past year as we near six years of being a podcast, and myself along with all the guests are grateful for you—cheers!


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