On this near-holiday episode of Talking Buffalo, host Patrick Moran takes some questions and comments from fans, ranging from the real reason you didn’t see Josh Allen running with the football nearly as much in the first half of the season, the Bills having their most stout offensive line in years, what player should be “hot Santa” and personal/podcasting goals for 2024.

A comment from a fan with some outstanding context leads to Patrick doubling down on his assertion that Sean McDermott strategically made sure Josh Allen’s rushing attempts were limited earlier this season, even though many fans still pin that on former coordinator Ken Dorsey. Cam Newton’s brought up as a specific example the organization’s trying to avoid.

Also, a statement leads to a discussion about the Bills offensive line, including the pretty incredible stat the starting five has been together for every game so far this season. Also, Patrick admits that while he understood and has grown to like O’Cyrus Torrence in the second-round of this year’s draft, it’s not who he wanted Buffalo to take.

Patrick also goes on an unprovoked tangent about the Buffalo Sabres stinking up the ice this season and also takes issue with a fan suggesting Little Debbie Zebra cakes are as good as Christmas Tree cakes–blasphemous!

That plus Patrick opens up about personal things he’s worked on his life, where he wants to see this podcast grow in 2024 and much more.


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