On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by longtime friend and recurring guest Tone Pucks for his weekly visit to discuss how we’ve now officially entered the do or die portion of the Buffalo Bills season with five games left to go—and we’re not far off from the Buffalo Sabres having the same fate even if it’s still early December.

The Bills have five games remaining on the season and the schedule isn’t easy, starting Sunday in Kansas City against the Chiefs. The guys talk about how Buffalo needs to win at least four to even have a reasonable chance to get in as an AFC wild card, with Tone Pucks remaining someone skeptical. If the Bills play lousy down the stretch and fail to get in, could Sean McDermott be in trouble despite a credible report from Tim Graham saying there’s almost no chance he’s getting fired?

Also, Patrick has enough confidence in two teams to offer a Super Bowl prediction and a potential Tyrek Hill NFL MVP. That plus does Tone Pucks have a clean bill of health and much more. Follow Tone Pucks on Twitter @TonePucksRedux


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