On this Thanksgiving day episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by friend and recurring guest Anthony Marino from Buffalo Rumblings to discuss the Buffalo Bills, more specifically a dive into their offense and of course, Thanksgiving.

After looking dormant for large stretches of games dating back several weeks, the Bills offense came to life last week against a very good New York Jets defense. The guys talk about the instant impact Joe Brady had as offensive coordinator–not just with schemes and X’s and O’s but seemingly encouraging a platform for the players to go out and have fun. Sounds silly but the difference was visible.

They also talk about the Gabe Davis conundrum as the wide receiver was held without a catch again against New York and has had a good number of non-factor performances. Is it really his fault though? Also, the offense was clicking without much from Stefon Diggs last week but is that wise going forward?

They also discuss today’s holiday and dedicate their regular “Finish the Sentence” segment to all things Thanksgiving. That and much more. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Be sure to follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthMarino and check out Buffalo Rumblings, featuring written and podcast/vidcast content pretty much daily.


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