On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by longtime friend and recurring guest Tone Pucks for his weekly visit to discuss the Buffalo Bills losing on Sunday night football to the Cincinnati Bengals, 24-18 in a game that should have fans and media questioning the Bills coaching now more than any point this season.

After a promising opening Buffalo drive that answered a Bengals touchdown, the Bills were thoroughly dominated in the first half and ended up in a hole they couldn’t climb out from. The guys have a lot of thoughts in an episode streamed just minutes after the game ended—including Sean McDermott and Ken Dorsey doing a terrible job in many area, Josh Allen being plagued by inconsistency, a defense holding on by a thread physically and a crowded AFC playoff picture that has the Bills potentially in legitimate trouble.

That and much more. Follow Tone Pucks on Twitter @TonePucksRedux


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