On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran has his weekly thoughts and observations on the Buffalo Bills after watching the coaches All-22 film of their borderline disgraceful loss in Foxboro to the New England Patriots on Sunday in addition to analyzing some Pro Football Focus stats and grades given from the game.

Some things stuck out like a sore thumb after watching the film even more watching the game play out live this past Sunday. Among them discussed today is the horrible play at defensive tackle, impact defensive ends doing nothing for the entirety of the game, a very rough go for Taron Johnson and quite frankly, a pretty poor performance from Josh Allen.

This game coupled with the fast few has Patrick wondering if Sean McDermott needs to start having conversations about playing Ryan Bates at center and what they’re doing with Von Miller—-is his trying to come back from the ACL tear actually hurting the defense?

That and plenty more Bills notes, grades and thoughts.


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