On this episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran has his weekly thoughts and observations on the Buffalo Bills after watching the coaches All-22 film of their straight up lucky victory over the New York Giants last Sunday night in addition to analyzing some of the Pro Football Focus stats and grades given from the game.

Patrick’s got a few big takeaways following the re-watch of the game, including skepticism on the job Ken Dorsey’s doing as offensive coordinator over the past few games, Von Miller getting closer to being ramped back up and Brandon Beane needing to look into bolstering the defensive tackle position before the trade deadline.

He also hits on why he thinks Latavius Murray’s basically become James Cook’s equal in running back snaps, Dawson Knox continuing to struggle, Terrell Bernard keeping up a high level of play and Stefon Diggs pacing to obliterate all his receiving records.

That and plenty more Bills notes, grades and thoughts.


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