On this extremely rare weekend episode of Talking Buffalo, Patrick Moran is joined by recurring guest Joe from Queens to discuss the polarizing divide over whether the Buffalo Bills should re-sign star free agent linebacker Tremaine Edmunds in addition to several other topics.

Patrick put up a poll on his Twitter this week asking fans if the Bills should pay Edmunds the huge contract he’ll get from somewhere before or when free agency begins.  With nearly 1,000 people voting the result of the poll were within less than one half of one point. Joe has thoughts on the divide and it dwarfs into several other Bills related conversations, including disagreement over Ed Oliver’s value and Patrick being highly confident that despite some rumors floating around, Stefon Diggs does not want the Bills to trade him.

They also talk about the newspaper print business basically being on life support at this point and how that might play out as well as the Buffalo Sabres exceeding expectations, Joe’s annual sabbatical from Twitter, why there was no episode of Talking Buffalo on Friday and plenty more.


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